Personal DevelopmentI’m a bit of a Personal Development addict, and the purpose of me writing this today is that I want to provide some solid facts about Personal Development and making the investment in yourself. 
These words below will encourage you in your own personal development and help you in your own business and lifestyle.
Keep pushing forward and remember
“If it’s going to be , it’s down to me”….

First let me give you some interesting facts on Personal Development

  1. A lot of people work harder for their employer than they do on their personal development for themselves.
  2. A lot of people plan for their holiday’s more than they do planning their lives.
  3. A lot of people spend more money on hygiene and beauty products in a year than they spend on personal development in a lifetime.
  4. A lot of people spend more time watching tv in a month than they do  thinking about their career in a lifetime.

I am not writing this post for them.

The truth about personal development

  • It’s about being honest with yourself. Our own lives are structured by the decisions we make, we must be honest and reconize that we are all responsible for who we are and what we do.
  • It’s hard work. If it was not there would be a whole lot more successful people in the world.
  • It has no short cuts. If there was, Again there would be a whole lot more successful people in the world.
  • It involves risk. Nothing is achieved without risk or danger and we know personal development is all about achievements.

“If it’s going to be, It’s down to me”

Personal Development

Ok so that was the hard to swallow stuff now for the good stuff
  • It gives great happiness. That’s because you are complete and at home with yourself.
  • It gives great strength to your ego. Because you can rightly claim that you did it your way.
  • It gives you riches in whatever form you conceive it. Because you will move forward and not stay in that non rewarding job that bores you to death or spend time hanging out with boring people, doing boring things or put up with people that you don’t respect or that don’t respect you.
  • It gives health both in body mind and spirit. By pursuing your future your body will go with you so naturally you will look after it.
  • It gives you attractiveness. People are drawn to successful people no matter whatever life they wish to pursue.
Having that shitty life or being in that shitty job might not be your fault, but staying in it is
Personal Development

Do you need to work on your personal development?

Here is a few signs that you may need to..

You don’t achieve to the best of your ability in many areas in your life,

We all go through the tough times, We have those bad days and we even have those bad weeks where we just don’t put our best effort in,, But what if weeks turned out to be months? You need to challenge yourself in what you do or you risk being ‘rusted out’ which is opposite to being ‘burned out’.

You tend to move towards people who are angry or dissatisfied.,

You might want to Think about that, The people that you choose to socialize in leisure and work. who do you seek out , do you get drawn towards the negatrons? the people that get pleasure from gossiping and complaining?
“Lay down with dogs and you will come up with flees”

You begin to feel that your in a repeating pattern and that your future is gloomy, 

Are you making the same mistakes, repeating the same old patterns in life and find your spinning your wheels getting nowhere, If your life is perfect and you are happy that’s fine but I am tipping that if it was you would not be reading this post.
If you want to make a big improvement in your life you need to be challenging yourself  if you want to be someplace better at some point down the track.

You way up the pros and cons but the cons win,

If your just treading water and you have a hard time deciding to move forward in your life try this simple exercise,,,
Take a piece of paper and pen and create 2 lists, list one of the things you like about your current situation, lifestyle, relationships, your job, all’the pros’.
And second list, The things you don’t like about your current situation ‘the cons’.

If the cons outweigh the pros on a particular aspect of your life then you need to take action and do something about it. So often when people get in this situation others start to make decisions for them, Don’t let that happen.

You are looking for ways to improve your current situation but you have no room to move towards your aspirations,

Another useful activity is to take your list of pros from the previous activity and expand upon it, develop in further detail whats already on it and add more items you wish you could claim about your current situation.
You can’t change everything in a instant, just review the list and break it down, looking for items you may be able to improve or get happening now.

” by the inch it is cinch , by the yard it is hard”

You can’t get enough positive reinforcement to keep your spirits up, 

One of the foundations of your well being is feeling value, money can’t buy it, we all vary in our terms of need to feel valued and it’s important that we develop methods and we meet those needs. keeping a log book or list of you achievements is one way, so you can go back to it often and encourage yourself and remind yourself how far you have come.
Also keep in mind that to be successful you will lose friends as others will want you to succeed but they will NOT want you to succeed better that they do.

Your situation in your life or work has radically changed in the last 12 months,

Your life used to be awesome but now it has lost it’s challenge and thrill.
If so you have 3 choices.  
(1) Get off your bum and do something about it (advised).
(2) Or just go with the flow and hope for the best (not advised) .
(3)  Cry, Sook, whinge and complain and hope someone listens (again not advised).

Statistics show that the average persons worries are broken down into 4 headings.​

  1. 40% Things that never happened
  2. 30% Things that happened that the individual can’t change
  3. 22% Petty worries of insignificance
  4. 8%   Legitimate worries

“Worry is a waste of time , worry is wasting today’s time to clutter up tomorrow’s opportunity’s with yesterday’s trouble”
Lets clear out the clutter

Personal Development

“If it’s going to be , it’s down to me”. 
Remember that quote at the beginning of this post it’s as true as they say and you need to be making an investment in yourself. You are in control of your life and this is even more so in how you wish to personally develop yourself.
You have control of the skills that you want to learn and enjoy and the person you wish to become.

Each day is full of potential for personal development, with lessons and development milestones achieved with willing coaches and mentors, But only if we commit to it.

Millions of years ago something wonderful accured;

Our ancestors brains doubled in size a breakneck speed and our sloping brows transformed to cope with the phenomenon , more importantly in moving from homo habilis to homo sapiens we were gifted with the ability to think and plan ahead.
To dream dreams of what could be better rather than just having the stimuli and response of what is.
We can now enjoy the capacity of wonderful imaginations of what we want to be a enjoy the personal challenge.

I don’t want to point the finger or anything like that ,

It amazes me the amount of hours that literally millions of people spend at the gym and the thousands of dollars on personal appearance yet no time at all on their minds or on their personal development.
Yes it is certainly good for the body but it’s a bit like polishing your car in the hope of avoiding a engine service or hoping it will make the engine more effective so it lasts longer. It goes both ways don’t you think, It’s good to work out and look good but also important to think and feel good.

“Like going to the gym and getting that endorphin hit, personal development will  give us that confidence hit making our success last forever”
Just like running, the more you run the further you can go, The same with your personal development muscles, they become stronger every time you flex them.

It’s never to late to start again you know.

Life is short and you need that self care and self commitment, without it, all to suddenly 30 years down the track the self talk of ‘I’m going to be, I’m going to do this and do that will’ take a massive nosedive and become watered down to, ‘I could have been, I could of done,’.
I know that all sounds depressing so I’m here to say the fact of the matter is, it is never to late to start again.

Even if you have lost most battles, The war is never over if you decide to combine your resources once more.

Getting ahead in a difficult situation requires avid faith in yourself, that is why some people with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive, go much further than people with vastly superior talent.-Sophia loren, actress

never give up

Never give up on your goals and always remember 
“If it’s going to be , it’s down to me”.
Thanks for dropping by I really do appreciate you taking the time to read my stuff, Feel free to leave your thoughts below in the comments box and share this post.
Until next time, Keep pushing forward.



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  1. Wow this is whole whole lot of good content! i have always felt that it is all down to a person to enjoy success in many areas. it is never about luck and opportunities, it is all about how one changes himself for the better. thanks so much for you valuable information!

    1. Hey Hong, “If it’s going to be, It’s down to me” luck is what you can make out of lives opportunities, I think by getting out there in amongst it and expanding your net, you expand your luck making opportunities.
      Thanks for stopping by

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