Hey there, Thanks for stopping by, with this article I want to speak about the advantages of list building, the advantage of doing so and why you should be building one.
List Building is pretty much adding new subscribers to a mailing list, These subscribers give their email and sometimes other info such as address and phone number in exchange for some information, a special offer or a free gift.

Why get into the habit of List building?

List buildingThose new to home business often miss out on the opportunity to to build a relationship and make a lasting connection with their clients. And in these situations, most of their clients are only one stop shoppers.
They go to the online store.
They may buy something they may not, and then they leave.
A way to generate network of loyal clients,readers, followers or viewers, is to start list building.

So it’s simple the more people you have on your list the more people you have access to for building a B2C or B2B relationship keeping them in the loop about your business and mailing adverts and promotions.

List building is an ongoing process, new people will always become interested in your offers so you will never stop building your list
The most lucrative clients are repeat clients and when a client buys from you and you deliver your promise they are more inclined to buy again and again, it’s much easier to sell to existing clients than it is to new ones, therefore it is vital that you practice list building techniques.

A contact list of clients  is one of the most inexpensive and effective methods of advertising not only to follow up with potential new clients but send out new offers to recurring ones.

With a list of email contacts, you as a home business owner are building a inexpensive continuous relationship with your clients.
Even if the client isn’t convinced to buy anything by the first email, They  may be convinced by the second, third, or the tenth mail you send out.
Therefor list building and email marketing is a long-term marketing approach for all home business’s.

” The fortune is in the follow up”

How do i begin list building for my home business?

To begin list building you will need some sort of auto-responder service to manage your subscribers, Mailchimp is one that is free or for around $30 a month you can use one of the premium paid services like Get Response, AWeber, ExactTarget, as well as the paid version of MailChimp.
Paid services will offer more modes of categorization, ample storage space, and methods of segmenting responses to emails.
If your just starting out the free version of Mailchimp is fine.
The next thing you want to do is create an opt in form or web form to begin collecting subscribers, you can do that easy enough within your auto responder account.
Afterwards you need to place it on your website and have a call to action with it to encourage people to opt in and subscribe to your updates.
If a person is offered some sort of reward for joining a mailing list, they are far more likely to join.
This can include 10%,20% or 30% off coupons to an online store
An exclusive e-book or podcast, or details to a seminar. This improves the signup rate.

Last but not least, make it visable

When visitors are clicking through your website, the option to subscribe to your mailing list should be easily accessible.
The form should be quick and painless to fill out, while stating some of the great benefits of joining the list… see example below

Join my growing list for the latest updates. Only takes 5 seconds..

In internet marketing, it is okay to be a little obvious and aggressive, such as the use of a lightbox opt-in popup.
(I don’t like to myself as it is something that annoys me when I visit other sites I start to get engaged and up pops the box)
The list building software mentioned above, offers this feature, as do many web-hosting platforms like WordPress.
Pop-ups are commonly used for opt-in forms for a wide range of websites, and exponentially increase subscribers.
Making the option to opt-in as visible as possible increases an online home business owners chances of clients signing up to the mailing list on their own.

In conclusion, if your not list building your leaving money on the table 

Take full advantage of list building, Offer material that your reader will find interesting or useful.
Useless material will be deleted, unsubscribed from, or marked as spam rather than read and heeded.
When you send useful emails rather than constantly selling a product, your subscribers will be more likely to read the content.
Well thanks again for stopping by, I hope you gained some value from this post, please feel to leave any feedback and/or questions in the comments box below, your feedback is important to me and much appreciated.
Until next time 🙂
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