Setting up a home business online really is easy enough to do but the biggest problem and reason most people fail online is because they are not getting enough or don’t know how to get traffic to their offer and when i say traffic i mean eyes looking reading and listening to what you have to offer, so in this section i am going top talk about home business advertising
by the way all the ideas i mention here today i will write about separately this page is just a quick rundown of some ideas and places for home business advertising.

home business advertising

Home business advertising & Getting the right eyeballs on your products/services

Getting enough eyeballs/traffic to your offer is not hard there is many online and offline tactics you can leverage the trick to home business advertising is narrowing down the targeted audience related to the type of  niche your in.
Article marketing on a blog, Blogging about your business with keyword rich material and some good SEO to rank in the search engines is the most targeted home business advertising and it is free.
But if your in the SEO game you know that it takes time to rank in search engines without using blackhat and other poor techniques and risking a penalty from search engines.
If your not in the seo game you need to be learning some seo techniques for yourself and again i will be writing a little on that at a later date.
so what do we do while we learn and practice good SEO?
how can we start getting targeted traffic to our home business in the mean time?

Here are some ideas to get you rolling

You Tube, is my first choice, reason being it costs nothing to make a quick video on You Tube about your product/service but again don’t just make it a big sales pitch talk about a problem, agitate it then show  how your product can solve it, that way you will relate to your audience.
Let the audience know there is a link to your site and have a call to action at the end of your video to get viewers to click it.
Social media, sharing your promotional offers and adding value in related groups on Facebook, linkedin are great ways to get out there, and don’t forget Twitter, instagram, slidshare, Pinterest there’s plenty social media sites out there.
Classified advertising, is particularly common in newspapers,online and other periodicals which may be sold or distributed free of charge they are a great place to start your home business advertising and in most cases free to do so, there are tonnes of classified sites here is a handful below

Classified sites are everywhere some are more popular than others when I use them I spend 2-3 hours posting as many ads as possible on as many different sites as possible.

Banner ads, can be really effective and usually quite affordable and very targeted in the right places. A banner ad is a form of advertising on the World Wide Web delivered by an ad server. This form of online advertising entails embedding an advertisement into a web page. It attract’s traffic to a website by linking to the site of the advertiser. …
Solo Ads, are one of my favorite sources for paid traffic for home business advertising, basically they are a way to get your message out to large numbers of targeted prospects for a very reasonable cost.
They are a  1 page ad with your offer only, that is emailed out to somebody else s list of prospects these are very effective and your guaranteed a certain amount of clicks to your offer for the price you pay.
The idea is to find some one who owns a large list of subscribers closely related to your niche and rent it out by paying them to send out an email you have written to their subscribers, in some cases the list owner way want to write the copy for your ad their self as they have built a relationship with their list and know what they respond to. See more on solo ads
PPC/CPC, pay per click or cost per click is exactly what it says, advertisers pay the publisher (typically a website owner) when the ad is clicked, This is popular and can be very targeted for your home business advertising if done the right way, some of the best ppc advertising is via facebook, linkedin and google adwords, but there are many ppc cpc providers around the web.
Magazine and Newspaper ads, similar to classified ads, the thing i like about magazines is they tend to circulate a far more than newspapers, going from reader to reader in waiting rooms etc, so paying for one is money well spent, be sure to ad a QR code in your ad so people can scan it with their smartphone and be directed straight to your site doing so will increase conversions.

Home business advertising

Targeted home business advertising is just common sense really

I mean with your home business advertising your not going to advertise your pet supplies business in a car magazine or on a toy website, just think about what relates to your niche and always test small first and if it works out scale it up later on.
Feel free to leave any feedback or questions below i’d love to help in any way i can 🙂
Until next time

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  1. What a great post, and I couldn’t agree more about utilizing the power of YouTube. I’ve used it for other projects in the past, wasn’t even thinking about that ability in this type of business. What great potential! Loving this site so far and will be coming back often for great info, thanks!

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