Christopher G EdgeHey there thanks for stopping by, I’m Chris a 35 year old father of 3 great kids  and have a awesome partner of 16 years.
Born and raised in Tasmania,  currently live in South Australia, and I work full time at home marketing on the internet.
let me just give you a quick rundown about me and how I got started online…
I am not going to sit here and tell you about my lavish 3000 sq ft mansion, shed full of classic cars or how I became an overnight success on the internet.
Why? because I would be bullshitting you and giving out misleading information and that’s one of my pet hates on the internet.

What I am going to do is tell it how it is,

“OK” so lets begin. 

My journey online started only a few years ago in 2010 after I was in a pretty serious accident.
I was hit by a 4×4  and was left not able to work for quite some time so after been laid up for months I started looking for ways to create income online.
But I really did not have a clue to begin with…

“But I did have one thing”

abundance in all areas
A getaway at Moonta bay South Australia [Sunset]
A dream to have  abundance in all areas in my life and create a freedom lifestyle.
To be able to visit places like the one in the pictures where ever and when ever without have to worry about money or my job.
I wanted to become wealthy in all areas of life so I can do anything I choose.
I mean lets face it I had spent years working away from my kids and then was almost killed by a 4×4 truck, so I just knew there was something better out there for me.
I just knew there was some big reason that I was still here and I knew
I had to start doing something about it and something deep inside was telling me that
abundance in all areas
Pure, clean, crisp and pristine waters

I could make a big difference in my life by leveraging the internet somehow.

“But like I said had no clue what so ever,how to do it”

I started out using forex platforms and playing online poker which was pretty cool at the time but there was high risk involved and most times I was just breaking even if not just plain losing out.
So I started looking into affiliate marketing and network marketing as I searched more and more and tried this and that but…
After looking at ways to develop an income online it soon became pretty clear

where ever when ever
A view from a the Motel balcony

to me that it would take time, and consistent effort but at the end of the day, results would be well worth it.
If you are new to this profession please know that it does take time to begin with and that there is no secret or magic formula to get money spewing out of your PC.

oh wait yes there is…

It’s called learning and taking massive action on the tasks that you learn

Listen, I assume that if you have found me, then you are probably searching for answers just like I was…
Answers on how to build wealth from the comfort of home…

You can say I’ve learned a thing or two 😉

So here’s the deal

When I got started marketing online back at the start of early 2010, I struggled…
And I went searching for answers just like you are today…
Quite frankly, I just didn’t have the knowledge, the right mentor and right system to put things in order.
But, Just like most struggling Networker’s, I looked and looked for answers, until I found the same information I’m about to expose you to through out this blog…
After I went through all the information, I discovered a few key principles…

That is when my business began to change…

I began seeing results. What I learned was that in order to become successful, you needed 3 things…
1.) A Marketing System Blueprint (A system & basic marketing training that works)
2.) A Bullet Proof Mindset ( Personal Development Training while I learned )
3.) And a Way To Generate Massive Amounts of Leads (This is where I come in 😉

Listen, today I want you to do a couple things for me, but only if you’re serious about it..
1.) Visit this page on wealthy affiliate that I just shared with you…
2.) Get in touch with me on my wealthy affiliate profile
(only if your serious to make a change)
This is where I network with others and offer my help each and every day to people like yourself.

A system which is what I like to call the,,

“Marketing Blueprint To Success”

Through this system and consistent work I now have a life that I control, I love, that I get to spend the way I want when I want.
And you can have that to.
So go ahead and feel free to get your self plugged in and I’ll,,,

See you on the ‘inside’,

15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Chris,
    I remember viewing your website a while back, and I must say you have done a tremendous amount of work to improve it! Congratulations, your site looks great =D. Keep up the good work and I wish you more success.

  2. Hi Chris I think you have a very good website. did you build it on Word Press?.
    I have been around the net for sometime now but never done any good. I think that WA is brilliant.

    1. Thanks Cyril, WA is brilliant and get you moving in the right direction, keep at it and you will get there. good luck and if you need a hand with anything hit me up.

  3. Chris,
    Great site with great content and nicely laid out.
    I really appreciate the info on Jaaxy, I guess they are called “Key” words for a reason.
    I am also a WA member and feel so very fortunate to have stumbled upon that awesome School/Community.
    It has been changing my life for the better, since day one late last ear!
    Keep up the great work,
    Best to Success,

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